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Visitor Staff Presents Awards of Excellence to Union Communication Professionals

Visitor staff and Celeste Ryan Blyden, vice president for strategic communication and public relations at the Columbia Union, presented awards of excellence last fall at the  Columbia Union Communication Advisory in Chantilly, Va.

One winner, Heidi Shoemaker, communication director of the Ohio Conference, was unable to attend. On Tuesday Blyden (pictured left) surprised her with an award at an Ohio Conference meeting.

"For six years, Heidi has worked tirelessly to help tell the stories of what God is doing in and through the members and ministries in Ohio," says Blyden. "Last year as Ohio’s constituents made the difficult decision to close MVA, she helped her administration communicate consistently and with transparency through regular email updates, web and social media postings, news articles and statements. She also fielded public media inquiries and questions from members. Her efforts helped to keep members aware of the situation, and in doing so, she provided great support to her conference leadership. Because she continues to serve Ohio with excellence, our team was pleased to recognize Heidi with a 2015 Visitor Award of Excellence."

Winners recognized in the fall included Steve Hanson, who coordinated mailing processes for a dozen years while the Review and Herald Publishing Association printed the Visitor when it operated in Hagerstown, Md.

Lisa Saylor also received an award for her excellent customer service when she served as the Columbia Union Visitor‘s customer service representative at Review and Herald Publishing Association.

Blyden also honored Bryant Taylor, former communication director at the Allegheny West Conference for his years of service.  Taylor will receive his award at a later date.


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