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Washington Adventist University Theology Student Overcomes Odds to Graduate

My life is a testimony to God’s blessings,” says Fabian Taffe, a 2015 Washington Adventist University theology graduate. “Studying at WAU for two years has been a great experience and blessing in my journey to becom[ing] a pastor. The connections I’ve made with faculty, staff and other students have been priceless. The teachers are always available to give you the time you need. I have also found many opportunities here to serve others—both locally and internationally.”

Story by Lisa Krueger, Washington Adventist University

Fabian and Kadhene Taffe Fabian and Kadhene Taffe

Coming from the inner city area of Whitehall Avenue in Kingston, Jamaica, and surrounded by poverty and crime, Taffe’s life could have been much different. Providentially, at the age of 15, while attending an evangelistic series at the Whitehall church, he chose to follow Christ. At his baptism, the evangelist, someone whom he had just met, prophesied, “You will be a pastor one day!”

With the support of the Whitehall church family and his mother, Taffe worked as a Bible worker during the day and shared his faith at evening evangelistic meetings. Fighting and shootings were common among gangs in the area, and rivalries and shootings caused people to fear leaving their homes and attend the meetings. Even he was fearful for his safety and questioned God, “Should I keep doing Your work?"

As the youngest of four sons, Taffe lived with his mother after his parents separated. Although he finished high school, he didn’t complete the requirements for the Caribbean Secondary Examination Counsel to qualify for university admission, so he took a job pumping gas. But, he continued to feel God’s calling on his life to become a pastor. He realized he needed to complete his education. But how? He was 22, uneducated, jobless and living with his mother. He implored God, “If You want me to serve, show me how.”

A pastor friend urged Taffe to step out in faith and claim Psalm 24, which says, “God will give you everything you need; He will supply the resources.” He stepped out in faith and a couple at his church offered to pay for his first year’s tuition at Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica.

He took a step of faith and applied. After qualifying, he attended the university for three years. It was during this time that he met Khadene (pictured with Fabian), who became his wife in May 2012. She had her master’s in nursing and was teaching at the University of the West Indies nursing program in Jamaica. Shortly after their union, she took a job teaching nursing at WAU, and Taffe joined her after obtaining the necessary papers to move.

“My family and my church have been supportive and are proud of my accomplishments,” he says. His future plans now include getting his master’s and doctorate from Andrews University (Mich.) and working in the United States as a pastor.

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