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Members of the Southwest church’s laundry ministry include Johanna Peart, Dorothy Joint, Carmen Gibson, Corine Cunnison and Hazel Matthias.

South Philadelphia Offers ‘Loads of Love’

Story by LaTasha Hewitt

One Sunday morning, members of the Southwest Philadelphia (Pa.) church converged on the K Laundromat in Southwest Philadelphia. They not only paid for 50 loads of laundry for surprised patrons, but assisted with washing and drying too—all as a part of their new laundry ministry, Loads of Love.

One grateful recipient, Lamar, shared that he had prayed for a financial miracle just that morning and felt led to go to K Laundromat instead of one closer to his home. He explains, “I knew I had to wash my clothes, but I also knew that after washing them, I wouldn’t have enough money to make it through the week. This is nothing but God! Thank you so much.”

The gratitude expressed by Lamar echoed throughout the K Laundromat as members of the Loads of Love team approached customers and offered to wash and dry their clothes and pray with them.

Team members expressed how blessed they felt after their interactions with the community. Ministry leader Hazel Matthias shares, “We’re hoping to let our community know that we see, acknowledge and are here to help them however we can.”

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