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My Journey at Lake Nelson Adventist Academy

Story by Joshua Raymond

LNAA is a relatively small school located in Piscataway. The sophomore class only has 15 students, including myself, but, as a result, we are a truly connected community. Many of us have known and grown up with each other through the years at LNAA. We have seen our friends’ struggles and triumphs and have loved, laughed, played, cried, hated, and felt the same pain with each other; we have always flourished and gotten through life together.

Connections: I don’t only consider my class as family, but the staff as well. The staff at LNAA are actively connected and involved in the success of the students. Every single staff member is extremely invested and interested in us, and they honestly care about our success. Like many other students at LNAA, I have known these teachers for a while and still frequently see them in the hallways. Through the years, we have stopped and have had friendly conversations every so often.

Spiritual Focus: LNAA has given me something special—a passion for learning and a strong longing for a deeper focus on God and others. LNAA has taught me how to think, interact with others and witness. Unlike most schools, education is not our sole foundation; we are based around having a stronger and more intimate connection with Christ our Lord. In the secular schools I've been in, many students haven't appreciated or understood the idea of kindness toward others. But, at LNAA, we constantly focus and expound on what makes a good person and a good Christian.

Reflection: From the time I started attending LNNA, I have learned a lot, grown substantially and seen my friends grow and mature alongside me. Like all things, there are aspects that I wish were better, but my overall experience at LNAA is a positive one. The transition from public school to private was a rough one. The public school environment was one that I had grown accustomed to, so having it taken away so rapidly made me want to return multiple times. But, as fate has it, I have not and will not go back, and I now know LNAA will be my home until the end of my high school journey. Above all, the best thing about LNNA is the family that has and will continue to support me through my years to come.

Sophomore Joshua Raymond is a full-time virtual learner this school year.

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