Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

November 2018

Photo by Workandapix on Pixaby

How often do you contemplate the blessings in your life? I firmly believe that focusing on the blessings God has given us—both individually and as a church—helps keep our priorities straight and our attitudes correctly tuned. Even if problems and tragedies run into us like a Mack Truck, with God on our side, there are plenty of things to celebrate.

Forging ongoing friendships as a result of the Temple of Praise GriefShare support group, facilitators and community guest participants Cynthia Ball, Ericka Ruff, Kim Davis, Johanna McCall, Latrece Tramble, Clara Light, Janice Morton and Catherine Moton stand ready for their next meeting.

The Temple of Praise in Cleveland quarterly hosts GriefShare, a Christ-centered grief support group comprised of friendly, caring people who walk alongside each other and provide comfort through one of life’s most difficult experiences—the death of a loved one. The group is built around a 13-week video and a small group discussion curriculum.