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Book Release: Deeper Praise: Music, Majesty, or Mayhem

Interview by Kimberly Luste Maran

Practical, scripture-based methods for identifying foundational truths for church worship are found in Cheryl Wilson-Bridges’ new book, Deeper Praise: Music, Majesty, or Mayhem. Wilson-Bridges, pastor of worship at Sligo church in Takoma Park, Md., describes why she wrote the book, and what she hopes readers gain from it in the interview below:

Visitor: What prompted you to write the book?

Wilson-Bridges: I wrote Deeper Praise: Music, Majesty or Mayhem because I love music and worshiping God, and I have noticed throughout the years that worship music has had a huge impact on the Church. This impact can determine a church’s culture, demographics and traditions. Through Deeper Praise I aim to provide a Bible-based model for pastors, musicians, singers and church members to use to select music and guide their praise and worship practices. In it, I share familiar Bible stories and Scripture that contain the basis for music ministry and can be used as the gold standard to understand and apply appropriate praise music in the church.

Is worship style important?

Yes, worship style is important. Culture is a vital part of our humanity, and variety reflects God’s divinity. Yet our worship style can become a hindrance when it supersedes God’s standards. Deeper Praise reveals biblical models to identify and support proper worship style. These biblical methods can be applied by any congregation, and in any church.

What do you hope readers gain from its pages?

Readers will gain a fresh, new perspective from a blend of well-known Bible stories, proven research and personal testimonies that provide timeless techniques for praise music and worship practice. Each Bible story reveals numerous standards that create appropriate praise principles for today’s church. The end of each Deeper Praise chapter provides Levite Lessons and Practical Praise Questions that will enable readers to apply these principles to their community, congregations and daily lives.

Readers of Deeper Praise will find hope and strength for their worship journey. They will be encouraged to make authentic, scriptural praise and worship their aim. I believe this book can transform peoples lives!

Where can people get the book?

Deeper Praise was released by Creation House Publishers in March (2016); find it at retail bookstores and online distributors such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, Target, Living Well etc. For more information, email



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